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Dear Yuletide person 2014

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Okay, first off, don't panic!It's not that I'm really asking you for bizarre moresomes, it's just that there are several specific characters I would like you to pick from. Okay? Cool. I'm very okay with optional details being optional, though I definitely want at least ONE of the non-optional requested characters to be the main character of the story.

Personally, I am not into incest, non-con, statutory rape, non-canonical character betrayal* by a fellow hero or adultery. (Poly is not adultery, to my mind, nor is any sort of standing agreement.)

I love adventure, plot, humor, heroism and friendship alone or in any combination you can give me. I would appreciate it if you did not genderswap non-canonically genderswapped female characters into men, or AU alien, robot or supernatural characters into humans.

Just please, make at least one of the requested characters the main character.

I'm including extra extra optional details with a few fic plots I would enjoy for each fandom in case you are the kind of author who prefers that kind of detail. I would enjoy fics with completely different plots just as much, so don't feel bound by them at all!

The fandoms here are not ranked in any kind of order. I'd be equally thrilled to see any of them in my inbox on Yuletide. Some of the things I am asking for are not just rare, they're super-rare. In at least one case there are literally no fics on the entire internet for it. Just by trying, you are making me very, very happy.

*Character betrayal, to my mind, includes murder, attempted murder, rape, stealing your significant other, or in any other way behaving in an evil fashion toward a supposedly friendly or allied character or their loved ones. If it didn't happen in canon, I really super don't want to see it.

The Fandoms:

Mother of Demons - Eric Flint 

Characters: Guo, Ushulubang, Dhowifa OR Nukurren (Any of the four nominated characters, I hit "any")

Official prompt: Guo, Ushulubang, Dhowifa, Nukurren - all the nominated characters, I love all of these characters in their Bronze Age two-sex, four-gender land squid glory, together or separately.

Their heroism, their interesting personalities, their worldbuilding. I would like fic about any of the nominated characters, apart or together. Stories exploring further fact that they're at ground zero for the early days of a major new religion, their experiences getting to know a new species (humans), or fic set in the Anshac empire that is so important to their lives but never seen on screen, would be amazing. Before, during or after the book works for me.

Gen, het or f/f about these characters all work for me, as long as you don't break up Dhowifa and Nukurren!  Also, this is not a universe I really want AUs for, unless it is an AU in which they are still land squids. Sorry!

More (extra, extra optional) details if you want them: Ushulubang and the early days of the Way - sort of like the New Testament only with way more carousing and drinking and being land squids would be an amazing story. Or Nukurren's vastly bemused future, living with a bunch of holy pilgrim gukuy and crazy humans would also be an example of something that would rock my socks. Or just more Guo and her crazypants theories about Indira being the goddess Uk returned.

Note: This is one book with no sequels and is available free and legal in this zip file!

Safehold Series - David Weber
Characters: Merlin Athrawes | Nimue Alban, Aivah Pahrsahn | Ahnzhelyk Phonda | Nynian Rychtair, Pei Shan-Wei (Any of the three nominated characters, I hit "any")

I love all of these characters so very, very much and would be happy for fic about any or all of them.

Merlin is a transgender, transhuman robot whose self-imposed mission is to tempt and seduce a (fallen back into) renaissance society into the wonders of modernity. That's amazing. I would love fic exploring any of these aspects of the story!

Things that are interesting to me are the robot out of time issues, the adjustment to suddenly being an ancient secret robot issues, the adjusting to life in a theocracy issues, the humanity survived its planned extinction sense of relief or Merlin's past as Nimue, all of which were more implied than observed. Any take on Merlin's gender or identity issues (or none) you want works for me, as long as Merlin is still competent and fascinating.

Meanwhile, I am fascinated by Aivah Pahrsahn - rebel in a patriarchal, theocratic society; a courtesan in the best sense of the world who also is the mastermind behind a huge resistance and underground railroad. Any fic in which she gets to do cool stuff and doesn't come to a bad end would work for me!

And of course Pei Shan-Wei, the heroine in a seemingly doomed era who lost during her time, was remembered as a demonic figure, yet sowed the seeds of a brilliant future! Anything you might do with her life and/or memory could be amazing too.

This is not a universe I really want AUs (except diverging during canon AUs) for.

More (extra, extra optional) details if you want them: One possible plot I would really enjoy is Merlin sneaking into enemy territory in disguise on a secret mission! Another would be teaming up with Aivah Pahrsahn (or whatever she's calling herself this week) to Scarlet Pimpernel some dissidents to safety!

Note: You don't have to read the entire giant series to write a fic for this. The first book would be enough!

Nantucket trilogy - S.M. Stirling

Characters: Marian Alston, Swindapa Kurlelo

I ship Marian Alston/Swindapa Kurlelo a lot, okay? Heroic military leader saves and falls in love with beautiful barbarian princess done, unironically, with two women in those roles? Canonically f/f, and they go on to be warrior life-partners, married ever after? What's not to love! Exploring any or all of this - their adventures in between the books, their relationship, Swindapa's point of view on the events of the first book - would work great for me.

If you want to write gen fic about one or the other of of them before they met, that would work for me too. I do not absolutely need to have both of them.

What I would not like is an exploration Swindapa's life in the time just before the book, when she is being raped and enslaved by her tribal enemies, or fics set long after the books, about them getting old, having marital trouble and/or dying. Also, this is not a universe I really want AUs (except diverging during canon AUs) for.

More (extra, extra optional) details if you want them: The two of them fighting off bandits or pirates or something, using a Cunning Plan would be an example of a plot that would really work for me. Alternately exploring the Bronze Age American mainland together in the early days!

Note: The series is only three books long, but you don't have to read the entire series to write a fic for this. The first book would be enough!

The Thrilling Adventure Hour

Characters: Frank Doyle (TAH) Sadie Doyle

Official prompt: My favorite merry, married mediums!

Meet Frank and Sadie Doyle: Toast of the upper crust, headliners on the society pages, and, oh yes... They see ghosts! Think Nick and Nora Charles, but minus dog and baby, plus being experts in the supernatural.

Beyond Belief (their "show" on the Thrilling Adventure Hour) is just pure fun. I love their characters, I love their relationship, and I love the fertile ground the Beyond Belief universe is for playing with any urban legend or fictional thing you could possibly want.

Feel free to include any other Beyond Belief characters or cross over any other Yuletide eligible characters as long as Frank and Sadie are the main characters. Beyond Belief is intentionally vague on time period - it could be set any time from the 1930's through today - so this makes crossovers even easier! I just don't want Frank and Sadie to be AUed - I would like the story to be set in the Beyond Belief world, not a universe where they're space pirates or something.

I would love anything from casefic to humor to a wacky day in the life or series of vignettes, as long as it has both Frank and Sadie and a supernatural element. Het about their relationship or gen about two characters who are having an adventure and happen to be married would both be okay.

Please no serious treatment of alcoholism or Frank/Sadie marital problems.

Note: Beyond Belief (the show on Thrilling Adventure Hour) has been around for a long time, but because the show is so episodic and self contained, you can get the idea in one 20-25 minute free episode.

For a typical case, a great example is "Caped Fear"

For a wonderful and hilarious example of Frank and Sadie away from home and Beyond Belief making fun of a fictional source (in this case, Indiana Jones) I recommend "Sarcophagus Now"

And for a fun look at Sadie's best friend, Donna Henderson the vampire, not to mention their bigger, world-saving adventures, "When Cthulu Cthalls"


Characters: Kate Monday, George Frankly

Official prompt: Quite literally baby's first police procedural! This was my very, very first fandom, and I don't think I was alone in that.

I really want both partners to be main characters in the fic because I love their partnership. I would love casefic or vignettes from the lives of math cops - I mean, what must that be like? Humor or straight up police procedural or both, I'll eat it up with a spoon!

Please, gen only for this fandom. Also, while I don't need happily ever after, I would at least like not-unhappily for now for the main characters.

Note: AUs are okay, as long as they're still law enforcement officers, still good guys, and still use math or some other unusual academic subject to save the day. Math Cops In Spaaace or Musicnet would totally work for me!

This was a long series, but fully episodic, so for a taste of this math-themed police wackiness, just watch any Kate Monday episode of Mathnet here on youtube, and you're good to go!

Guardians of the Galaxy (Comics)

Characters: Phyla-Vell (Guardians of the Galaxy comics), Heather Douglas (Guardians of the Galaxy comics)

Offical Prompt: I love their galaxy, reality and death-spanning love. The world they live in is so loony and none of it looks strange to them. I'd love to see an adventure about the two of them and/or glimpses of what their relationship is like when neither of them is dead. Or a fic about what it's like when your girlfriend has been turned into an alien dragon!

Alternately, though it isn't what I officially requested, if you would prefer to ignore them and write gen fic about Cosmo, the psychic cosmonaut security chief dog, that would be fun too.

Happy (or at least not un-happy for now) endings, please.

Note: I get it, there are a lot of Cosmic Marvel comics out there! If you haven't read all their appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy, that's fine as long as you've read a few issues and feel you know them, just write them the way they are at the point in canon which you know.

ETA: Unless one or both of them are dead at that point. Which happens often. In which case, please bring them back or diverge from canon before that happened. ETA 2: Feel free not to put Cosmo in a Phyla-Vell/Moondragon story or vice versa.

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